Saturday, July 9, 2011

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9 Golden Rules for Trading Stocks

In my quest to get a practice into trading stocks first by playing on before putting real money at risk, I had learned several strategies which I found to be not working after a day and also faced massive frustration each time profits evaporated and losses went above  90%.

It was time on last Sunday that I looked at my post on July 1 and tried to observe things from the perspective of the lessons learnt from the book (How I Made 2 Million in Stock Market). I gradually began to notice consistency in my results after following those lessons or rules. If I did not remember them before I start on a new chart @, I was immediately going into negative spiral. So these became mantra of stock trading. Hence I decided to summarize the 9 golden rules for trading stocks and imprint them deep in my memory.

9 Golden Rules for Trading Stocks


  1. Right Stocks
  2. Right Timing
  3. Small Losses
  4. Big Profits


  1. Price and Volume
  2. Box Theory
  3. Automatic Buy-order
  4. Stop-loss Sell-order

Unobtanium (highly important) Rule:
Despite following above 8, there is no such thing as gaurantee in the stock market. We can go wrong anytime on any stock. So keep losses small, take breaks often, chillax & develop high frustration tolerance with the willingness to learn all the time, from all mistakes/losses.

Because the learning curve never ends for a stock market operator.

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