Thursday, July 7, 2011

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17 Stocks for 7 July 2011 With Price Trigger Alerts

These 17 stocks are picked for having large white candlesticks and after crossing previous day's high. I am studying these by placing price trigger alerts on Moneycontrol. Actually Insecticides India is not similar to other stocks. I just had a trigger alert already which is still waiting.

The upper price trigger will be the automatic stop buy. If executed the lower price trigger will be the stop loss trigger that needs to be placed immediately after the buy stop trigger alert.

I would be paper trading with 10000 capital divided into 5 parts with 2000 for each. On margin (as this is for swing trading and diversification across stocks) I might go upto 34000 maximum in case all 17 are triggered. I think this is rather too much to start first. I didn't want to spend more time shortlisting down to 7 or 8 stocks.
Let me study how they do in next few days.

In the last two days, POLARIND had gone up by 10% in three consecutive sessions as it has a circuit breaker at 10%. It had gone up by more than 30% since it is discovered and 87% in a month. This shows how rewarding penny stocks can be at the same time with huge risk.

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