Monday, August 1, 2011

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Revisiting Two Stocks: PAPERPROD & PETRONET

On July 5 I had posted about two stocks that could be potential cadidates for short term. It's been almost a month now. But these two proved to be exceptional performers and validated my picking strategy. They were really 2 good bets!
Two Stocks for Two Weeks PAPERPROD & PETRONET

Now I will summarize the progress in these stocks as of now.

PAPERPROD was at 75 when I posted. On 29 July it is at 89. It never closed below 20 DMA.

About 18.7% gain in share price!

PETRONET was at 139 when I posted. On 29 July it is at 172. It too never closed below 20 DMA though had a jerky low in the white candlesticks (which is not trustable).

About 23.7% gain in share price!

I wish I had traded these shares. I had these in mind but was caught by too many stocks as can be noticed from other posts afterwards. But I never monitored any of those stocks except for INSECTICID which I was watching for four months and made about 6% gain (before brokerage cuts) only. It was a psychological bet. I learned I should not feel psychological attachment to stocks that I pick with respect to their order. However INSECTICID is still on its own, diverging from the market and showing good gains since the last week. That too was a good enough bet!

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