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Do Stock Trading Workshops or Seminars Help?

It may sound new to many people who live their professions on different fields other than stock trading. Like any other discipline, we can have workshops on improving our skills in stock trading as well. Workshops or training seminars on stock trading are conducted by professional stock traders with decades of trading experience or by those professional traders who do extreme trading. It all boils down to one thing: Workshops are worth the money!

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Whether it is about stock trading, investing or about any other aspect of your life or career, workshops can do wonders in a very short period of time. They can bring some changes in your perceptions, improve skill in a particular activity, help you start new habits quickly, convince you with fundamentals, instill courage and confidence, give you new paradigm shifts and many other benefits.

Take any type of workshop or course. They will teach you those things that you would take considerable time to learn on your own. They will even teach skills and not just knowledge on topics. This is the reason why they work quickly, though costly and accommodate very few people at a time.

My First Contact with Stock Markets

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My first contact with the stock exchange happened when I just attended a weekend education or relief program organized by a separate team from my company. Every weekend they invite somebody to present on some thing. More than two years back it happened to be a highly inspiring presentation in investing, personal risk management and wealth building by Anand Agarwal from Hyderabad.

He presented well researched and organized information that was very new to me at that time. At the same time it was easy to understand. He also has shown examples to illustrate his points. That is when he mentioned the phenomenal growth of stocks like Infosys in a short period of only few years. That was the most captivating thing about stocks in that whole session. Later he gave lot of data and inferences that grabbed the attention of lot of audience to the new world of stock markets in a finance world.

As he never shared that presentation with anyone, I had attended another session by him after few months. This time I learned even more.

Appreciate the Importance of a Training session

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The best part of workshops or private courses is that they give you a complete coverage on specific topic they are going to cover. For example it can be on “Selling Shares at the Right Time” if it is about stock investing. Or to be more generic, it can be “Personal Effectiveness”, in the self-help series.

I had attended a two-day session on “Assertiveness Skills” three months back sponsored by my company. Although these types of courses are not new, as we had a lot of such sessions during initial training period of the job, this time I appreciated the importance of these type of trainings. Of course it was costlier. I wouldn’t have chosen it at my cost. It was a wonderful experience with so many things learned, new paradigms created and old ones shifted. The two day training was fully packed. It was worth the money. The great thing was that it came about at the same time that I felt needed it.

Same applies to workshops on stock trading as well. The money does not go waste. But we need to attend only if we are most interested in it, at this point of time. We should have already known something about that topic. We should be well prepared to actively participate and learn all that is taught.

A Training Seminar is Worth the Money

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At the end of the training they also give us various other offers like training manuals, books or any free subscription to their newsletters. They will not leave you with only a few days of lectures or practice sessions. They will look for your feedback, always be looking to help in the future and also invite or refer for further courses. They may also provide something that can work like a companion guide after the training.

Having all these things, after powerful paradigm shifts when you attend some workshops with full focus, can really change your trading for better. I personally never got a chance to attend any such workshops or courses. But I would be willing to take even at my personal cost. I think there can be many out there once we explore within the community of stock traders.

Go for It If You Want to be on The Fast Track

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The non-obvious benefit of a special course or training session is that they help you grow your knowledge and skill pretty fast in your chosen field. You can, of course, learn things on your own and practice to acquire better skills. But if somebody has already traversed that path, applied the lessons learnt and now teaching them for others, then we should go for it. If you want to be on the fast track then this must be seriously considered.

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We should always look for the quality of these trainings. Do not just go for it because it attracted you or fancied you. Do not go for it because of its cost making it feel authoritative. If you know your field, you can make out from one page of their brochure/pamphlet.

Personally I would just go for any trading course from professional stock traders like Jeff Cooper and Tony Oz. The costs can be anywhere like $500 to $1000 but it is worth the money and you will not regret!

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