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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

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Nuclear Deal is a Good News for the Market

The apparent reason for the spike in today’s market in the last hour of trade, on the upside can be partially attributed to the relief government got by the possible support of Samajvad Party. The nuclear deal, if happens, is a good news for the market both short term and long term, which could immediately trigger another intermediate bull market.

On the other hand if it does not happen, there will be no end to the gloom and doom ahead for the future of our country. That is a terrific thing, in the present world. I already started imagining the ruins of the country similar to Iraq, if the deal doesn’t go through. Otherwise why would our Prime Minister bother so much about this at a time inflation is skyrocketing with the fuel of oil prices and other issues.

I understand various concerns different people have about the deal. But honestly I wish the deal to go through. In a world divided by two superpowers, recent threats of terrorism and human nature to defend/attack for survival, I think that is the best that can be done in our present situation. On the other hand, I feel very weak in thinking of a better future without passing this deal.

One thing is true. We are not a super power in this present world nor do we like slightest destruction in the homeland for whatever reason. Though I don’t understand much of the politics, I can clearly tell that we cannot act as we wish in this world, mainly because of our excess population with limited resources in a world where the superpowers are not rich in human resource but in natural resources.

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