Sunday, April 22, 2012

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Outsourcing to Another Dimension TIME from The Man from Earth (2007)

I had just watched this movie and I don’t want to say anything about it as it would spoil the experience for those who are yet to watch it. The movie, I agree with one reviewer on IMDB, a film that reaches to the stars and does not depend on CGI. Well, that’s the great thing about the movie. A lot of it is about the way the movie is made in the simplest manner at lowest cost, with all story happening as a conversation between a group of people sitting on sofas in a house. But I will share about some things that I have learned from this movie and its making.

This movie doesn’t use CGI like Avatar but entertains the (knowledgeable) audience to as much level though not in the same way as Avatar did. It is like a more exciting one than any good bed time story that I listened to as a child. The story like this which is set in talking is basically like ourselves having a curious conversation about curious subjects on a Saturday afternoon or listening to a bedtime story narrated by your uncle who puts such elements in the story that you as a child would have had no limit to imagine.

I learn something new from this movie about outsourcing. The common understanding of outsourcing is in one dimension. That is you outsource some of your work to other PEOPLE who are mostly professionals at it or for cost advantage like the BPO Industry is involved in. But the makers of The Man from Earth show that you can outsource your stories to TIME dimension. This is altogether a new way of looking at things that are anyway done for ages in local settings. Really the current times offer very exciting possibilities.

Nevertheless outsourcing to time requires that you have to narrow down your subject or in other words the area of your work. In this particular case, you have to string your story with elements that are popularly known and well known. Otherwise you would target lesser number of audiences. But for an experimental artist it doesn’t matter.

The movie also solidifies the reason as to why personally narrated bedtime stories are better for children than showing them movies or tv serials on your or their favorite tv channel. Watching movies or tv shows end to end for hours on end is a big bad mind numbing activity. When we outsource bedtime story telling to the tv shows we are limiting their imagination. It may still be okay to outsource this to those tv shows where there is only talking without visual 2-d or 3-d show. Basically similar to stories told on radios.

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