Sunday, June 6, 2010

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Jayeebhava – What a Real Crap Movie, like Trading an FMCG Stock!

Jayeebhava Telugu movie October 2009
"hIroyijam anTE.. anukunTe vachchEdi kAdu
blaD lO unDAli bradar" – Protagonist in Jayeebhava

"హీరొయిజం అంటే.. అనుకుంటె వచ్చేది కాదు
బ్లడ్ లో ఉండాలి బ్రదర్" - జయీభవ కథానాయకుడు

This is too much crap. Almost every Telugu person likes Sri NT Rama Rao (ఎన్టీఆర్). That does not mean that these heros (his grand sons) should repeatedly use his fame to support their films. Jr. NTR's movies are okay to watch. But Nandamuri Kalyan Ram is playing with his money.

When I went home for Diwali last year I heard lot of buzz about this movie Jayeebhava. On TV channels as trailers or ads, on FM Radio too there was promotion of this movie. Not knowing what was there in the movie, I only guessed "Oh.. the movie might do too well."

It went unnoticed since then. The actor Nandamuri Kalyan Ram looks just like one friend of mine. As each hero has his unique style I wondered what his style was other than being grand son of Anna garu.

Starting with the titles I noticed the producer name as NKR, the protagonist. I got the first doubt about the movie. Why did he have to produce his own movie? Was nobody daring to take the risk to do a business with him?

వీడికి పులి కావల్సొచ్చింద? అసలే ౧౪౧౨ (1412 tigers) మిగిల్నయంటె!

Although the initial scene makes one think that this is a serious movie one would be mislead. Just after 10 minutes I got the second doubt with his song (NKR walks with a Tiger as pet instead of dog – good money spent for graphics), extra cutting dialogues (బై బర్త్ నాకు బలుపెక్కువ.. అందరూ నన్నే చూడాలి) and over-action (బార్ కెల్లి తాగకుండ బాటిల్ విసిరి నలుగురిని తన్నడం). Then the crap starts and I realized the truth.

NKR does not know how to act (by birth naaku balupekkuva.. Andaru nanne choodali). I know that acting is not an easy job. But then there are professionals to do that if he cannot. Just because he has money he produces a movie with himself as hero. This film gives the impression that it is a casual business. It gets exaggerated when using names like NTR, Anna garu, Thaatha garu, Chirru, Kirru etc.

Even the storyline is not unique. To a great extent it is just a copy of earlier film Ready of young actor Ram. Ram acts very well with his own style. What is this guy thinking of movie? Acting is an art. Blood (ancestral background – NTR, N Balakrishna, N Harikrishna) or bank balance (actor and producer) won’t give that skill. One should practice and perfect the art.

Even superstar Krishna is okay in acting. He (Kalyanram) acts as if his action is over and talking to the crew members. At best he did not have a banner of NTR on his head. What a crap movie! The storyline and his acting make the movie so predictable and so uninteresting. Even documentaries are nice to watch. Some comedy scenes of Brahmanandam are unique and add fun to the movie. Otherwise this is really a total crap. Somehow I felt that blood during violence was not shown appropriately. Even without using a sword the villain gets blood on the back of his neck which is totally crap. Nobody ever hits a villain at the back of his neck in fight scenes. Also color of blood looked like orange color paint. It was overdone.

All the while I was thinking like this: Oh.. What is NKR thinking? Produce a movie as an actor, copy some storyline of a successful movie and the movie produces more money (and he also becomes a top hero). It is like an FMCG company that does not create new products but keeps on selling same product like Colgate or still better comparison is Hindustan Unilever. This HUL stock now changed name to ULL that never goes up or down. Its price was stable for a really long time since bull markets and in the last worst bear market too! Watching this movie was like trading or tracking or being trapped in an FMCG (ULL) stock. What a waste of time! (I did really trade HUL for many months so I know it)

If this is to treat movies just as a form of business making little profit with each movie then it is fine. But if NKR expects to become a top actor then.. that is a good joke.

సినిమా ఇండస్ట్రీ ఇజ్జత్ తీసేస్తుండు.
"అభినయం రాకపోయినా ఫైట్లు, స్టంట్లు కుంటోడు, అవిటోడు కూడా చేస్తడు.
దానికి ఒక హీరో కావాలా, బ్లడ్ లో ఉండే హీరో కావాలా?" అని NKR చూపించిండు.
సినిమా అంటే మజాక్ అనుకుంటుండు మన ఎన్కేఆర్.

What a real crap even in minute details. This movie violates causality. In one scene they show how to attract a bullet backwards to pull inside the gun. That is the best way to describe it. Otherwise in rewinding of the gunshot two cigarette smokers react in a forwarding sense as the bullet passes backward. Did I miss on why this crappy scene was made?

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Sunny Depp said...

Buddy... extremely sorry... I don't want to read even a single sentence of this post !! The title says it all:P

Advise for free :P - better check the critic ratings before you watch any telugu movie !! risk involved here is more than that of trading in Options man !!